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 Böhmová KateřinaOriginal Jewels.
 Brans Bohemia v.o.s.Cut glass
 BRITA TRADE s.r.o.BRITA TRADE s.r.o. is a new company established by BRISK Group Tábor. The company is developing and delivering special technical glasses; glass protection against ionizing radiation, powder glasses for special uses, optical filter glasses, lithiumborate f
 Brnoform s.r.o.Company with 70-year-tradition of a glass-mould production
 Brunner Jiří - SklenářstvíSmall mirrors
 BTT (Bohemia Table Top)Company made a domestic press blown glass, hand shaped blown glass and refined glass. Company is also able to do sanding and silkscreen.
 Bukotherm s.r.o. Furnaces for ceramic, glass and metal treatment industry
 Burianová Jaroslava - výroba a prodej skl. květinGlass wired flowers
 BVD PECE spol. s r.o.Kilns for glass, ceramics and china
 Bydžov s.r.o.
 Capella spol.s r.o.The largest sand-blasted glass maker in the Czech Republic.
 Carborundum ElectriteGrinding wheels, cloths and papers,abrasiv grains
 Cek Artglassexport,glassale,gem,jewel
 CETOSProducer of grinding machines for glass, ceramics, metals and plastics.
 cidrych jan-cemonstav
 Cínařství Milan Vít
 Classic Bohemian Chandeliers a.s.Light Fittings, Chandelier Trimmings, Lighting glass, Technical Glass
 CM Krystal, v.o.s.We are manufacturers of the Czech hand cut crystal, traditional rich designs, even in combination with gold and high enamel, or sand-blasting. We also offer cut utility glass with light motives.
 ColorGlass - cased crystalPrivate glasswork. Hand cut lead crystal - cased crystal (coloured). Colours: cobalt blau,red,green... Assortment: vase, bowl, plate, glass of vine...
 CvrčekGlass engraving and sand blasting
 CZECH GLASSManual production of utility glass Scandinavian design.
 CZECHLIGHTSOur products follow a one-hundred-year tradition. They consist of hand-cut trimmings and hand-painted glass pieces, decorated with high enamel and gold. All products are carefully manufactured in our workshops and this is our guarantee of high quality and
 Čapková LeonaDrawn figurines,glass flowers, wounds beads, lamp worked buttons, rosaries, lampworked glass eyes

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