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 Adelante s.r.o.Handmade ornaments and other product from glass.
 AlvaglassManufacture of glass Christmas ornaments, figurines, flowers, gift items, oil lamps, bottles of acid
 Bareš PavelBlown glass, Christmas decorations
 Bohemia Crystalex Trading, a.s.Sodalime Glass and Crystal Glass Lead Crystal 24 % PbO Heat Resistant Glass Technical Glass
 BRITA TRADE s.r.o.BRITA TRADE s.r.o. is a new company established by BRISK Group Tábor. The company is developing and delivering special technical glasses; glass protection against ionizing radiation, powder glasses for special uses, optical filter glasses, lithiumborate f
 Classic Bohemian Chandeliers a.s.Light Fittings, Chandelier Trimmings, Lighting glass, Technical Glass
 EcoGlass, a.s.Production of aspheric lenses for automotive headlamps, slide projectors, spotlights. Glass paperweight and gift production. Glass technology and software for melting and colouring of glass.Prisms for airport lights
 EUTIT s.r.o.Fused Materials,Wall Tiles Dense,Floor Tiles, Stoneware Pipes and Fittings
 Glass DUDEK-Petr ŠulcOriginal Bohemia Hand-blown and draw glass figures,clear dekorative,technical and stick glass.Gold paint sign glass figures. Borosilicate glass
 GLASS SPHERE, ball,precision ball,glass beads, glass bar,glass tubing,borosilicate glass,
 Ivan Fanderlik-GLASSTUDIOStudy,consultancy and projects of Glasswork technology
 JABLONEX GROUP a.s. Jablonex Group offers a large selection of glass, jewellery and mint products.
 Jaroslav PesničákOurs main production are perfume bottles, vases, ashtrays, sanded glass, paperweights.
 Jiří PetráňBlown glass, decor. glass and glass objects for daily use( candel sticks,sand clocks,oil lamps), making and repair of technical and, manufacture of glass pieces and objects according to plans and wishes of the costumer, Glassworking Lathes
 KINGS, s.r.o.Oil lamps, winegarbottles, figurines, drink glass, lustre, chandeliers, flowers, glass nail files and china.
 MIKA GLASS, s.r.o.Borosilikate glass - dekorative ,technical,usefful and laboratory
 Osvětlovací sklo - LARES, spol. s r. o. Lighting Glass, Pressed Glass
 Pavlina Jindrova
 Sklárny Úsobrno akciová společnostvýroba obalového a laboratorního skla
 Sklo BursaBlown and cut glass, Christmas decorations
 Taušek VáclavQuartz glass for Scientific- Technological- and Industrial purposes
 Technosklo, LtdProduction of technical and laboratory glass.
 TGK - technika, sklo a umění s.r.o.Wholesale colored flat glass and other materials for art craft glass processing, implementation of special projects with glass, particularly the method of fusing and bending glass
 VITRUM Rožnov s.r.o.distribution of laboratory glass, porcelain and other laboratory equipment