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 Maximus.czCrystal cut glass, chandeliers, porcelain tableware, watches and wooden clocks; hand made in Bohemia, Czech Republic.
 Meister GlassArt glass sanding and frosting, sanding of shini metal, mirror decorating, sanding of all kinds of things for advertising,sanding of company logos on restaurant and utility glass-e.g.anniversaries, making decorative glass sticks for flower-pots, making de
 MERITES glass nail filesCzech manufacturer – crystal glass nail files. We produce original chemically etched (acid engraved) and hardened crystal glass nail files. Glass nail files are top-class product for nail care; glass nail files with logo are popular as promotional items.
 Messer Technogas s.r.o.
 MHM HeraleckyOur firm manufaktures and sells cut crystal glass figurines in three grades.We manufaktures also glass flowers,globes,figurines according to your own specifikation and design
 MIKA GLASS, s.r.o.Borosilikate glass - dekorative ,technical,usefful and laboratory
 Miroslav Myškahand made glass,with iris
 MorávekThe production of hand made glass flowers, crystal figures, blown glass things from the coloured tubes and technical glass costume jewellery, trimmings, MC stones
 MOSER, akciová společnostManufacturer of completely handmade lead free art glass
 Nedform, s.r.o.Glass moulds (pressing moulds)
 NekrOriginal small series packeging.
 NEVO s.r.o.
 Niké - exklusivní zdobené sklo, Magdalena Dworokov
 NINNA s.r.o.Manufacturing of glass cut figurines and flowers
 Noamy Art GlassOur company produce hand-blown art glass, shades for lighting industry, cremation urns and silvered glass.
 Nordix s.r.o.Export of style cut crystal, colour-overlay and casted brass chandeliers in exclusive, as well as in commercial standards
 Numet, s.r.o.Nuclear measuring technology for online industry measuring.
 Oldřich ŠimpachHand formed decorative and drink glass.
 OpálProduction of classic Bohemian figural-glass shaped by blast lamp-figurines,flowers,beads,oil poor lamps,candlesticks,blovn glass,engraved tankards and drinking sets.
 Orion StudenecMake and distribution glass, decoratice and the housing accessories, burning decals, promotion.
 Osvětlovací sklo - LARES, spol. s r. o. Lighting Glass, Pressed Glass
 Ouhrabková MarcelaDrawn figurines and glass flowers
 Panter s.r.o.

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