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 Glassworks Slavia Ltd.Household Glass, Other Glass
 Glaverbel Czech S.A.Flat and Architectural Glass
 Goja s.r.o.Blown and painted glass, Christmas decorations
 GOLD - CRYSTAL s.r.o.Hand Made Gift Ware, Plain and Cut
 Gotik glas
 Graciasproduction of original decorative ceramics and stained glass.
 HARIS DIVISION s.r.o.diamond powder, CBN powder,micron powder, superabrasives,diamond tools
 Harman - Art Hornová HanaGlass costume jewellery and decorative glass products
 Harmonia Glass s.r.o
 Helena Bonevová - Repliky vitrážíTrue copies of church windows painted on glass, embeeded in stone frames.
 Hematex s.r.o.Vacuum coating (AB).
 Hg atelier designDesign works and applications for architecture,glass decorative and Light fittings
 HlaváčStrass Jewellery, Metal Jewellery with Glass Parts, Jewellery Classic and Fashionable Crystal Glass Figurines and Flowers
 Houserová Ivana - Glass Objects (skleněné objekty)Ivana Houserová, glass artist and glass designer.
 Hujerová Ivana - výroba a prodej skleněných květinGlass flowers
 Hyška Jiří - Sklářský výtvarně realizační ateliérSteined glass,surface treatment,
 IKATES, s.r.o. Testing laboratory
 Ing. Josef Chlum - Elite Bohemia
 Ing. Miroslav SázovskýMiroslav Sázovský is an independent specialist in architectural glass. Helping companies to design a safe building glass according to applicable standards and regulations. Writing expertise and advice to reduce costs, claims and save time in planning and
 InluxManufacturing of classic chandeliers with trimmings.
 Ion s.r.o.
 Ivan Fanderlik-GLASSTUDIOStudy,consultancy and projects of Glasswork technology
 Ivana Pelouchováart glass and jewellery
 J. Blažek Sklo Poděbrady s.r.o.First producer of the glass nail files worldwide, producer of hand decorated glass and crystal

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