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 Václavek Petrarchitect, designer of laboratory equipment
 VEA Šternberk
 VEHA spol.s r.o.
 Věra VejsováGlass design. Glass sculptures.
 Veseloušová VěraOur family firm is dealing with engraved fine sand blasted glass products.
 VETROPACK MORAVIA GLASS, a.s.Bottles for the Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry
 Viali, spol. s r.o.
 VID Bohemia, s.r.o.Producer and seller of the synthetic diamond powder and tools for grinding of the glass and hard materials
 Virtuální galerie Dagmar a Jana ŽenkovýchVirtual sale gallery of our artefacts (mold-melted glass, fused glass, vitrails)
 Vitrablok ,a.s.Glass Blocks
 Vitrail servis Petr HoplíčekStained glass
 Vitráže HlavenkaStained glass windows, fusing, sand blasting, lamps, bowls, mirrors. Tiffany technik
 VITRUM Rožnov s.r.o.distribution of laboratory glass, porcelain and other laboratory equipment
 Vitrum s.r.o. - Sklárna JanovBlown,off hand and press-and-blown glass
 Vojtíšková MilušeDrawn figurines
 Volková Marie - výroba a prodej skleněných figurekDrawn figurines
 Volný Dana a VáclavDrawn figurines
 Votoček Zbyněk - Art Nouveau Glass and Pewter (secesní sklo a cín)VOTOČEK company manufactures unique hand - decorated glass which is made of several different - coloured layers. Metal parts of products are cast from alloy Britannia - metal.
 Výroba a prodej skleněných figurek
 Wagnerová Jolana - malování skla a porcelánuPainted glass, surface treatment, high enamel
 YAN GLASS STUDIOYan glass studio is the first studio in Czech Republic is specialized on all paintings techniques completely:Historical glass (replicas from all of centuries)New design glassware (possible according your designs)Painting on flat glass to the size of o
 Zajác vitráže
 Zďárská KamilaGlass costume jewellery, figurines
 Zdeněk Kleprlík - Veste GlassCzech chandeliers, lamps, hand cut crystal glass and gold jewelry sale.
 Zdenek Novotny

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