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 Keramika Oznice a.s.Keramika Oznice a.s. produces decorative and figurative ceramics. Goods are suitable for gardens and inside areas. The products are very strong and high-resisting against weather conditions. The company already produces ceramic lights, tableclocks, mirro
 Keramika StrašákProduction ceramis with model decorations in form animals and crafts.
 Keramika Tichy
 Keramika U Matouše
 Keramo Penta s.r.o.Hausehold, decorative and figurative ceramics installation
 KERAMO, družstvo umělecké výrobyHousehold, Decorated and Figurative Ceramics, Installation,Pottery Products
 Keramos, s.r.o.We would like to present the workshop, which produces ceramics for the daily use. Our ceramics can be used in various ways. We produce the sets of products and the client can choose particular pieces only.The part of our production is based on the hand ma
 KERAMOST, a. s.KERAMOST, a.s. mines and processes raw materials – bentonite, ceramic materials, clay and kaolinite. Selection of raw materials also includes high quality bedding mineral for cat breeding, metakolinite, phonolite or stoneware.
 Kerat, Keramické ateliery Josef & Petr ŠtěpánekHousehold (domestic) decorative ceramics, kitchenware
 Keraunion a.s.Products made of aluminosilicate SIBRAL
 Keravit, spol. s. r. o. Manufacturer and producer of refractory ceramic materials
 KINGS, s.r.o.Oil lamps, winegarbottles, figurines, drink glass, lustre, chandeliers, flowers, glass nail files and china.
 Kouzlo domova, s.r.o.
 KT servis Praha s.r.o.
 Kulhánek Vladimír Keramika Hořice
 LAFARGE ŽÁROMONOLITY, a.s.Refractory materials
 Lasselsberger Manufacture of glazed and unglazed ceramics
 Leander 1946 s.r.o.White and pink decorative household chinaware
 Lexa - hrnčířské kruhythrow, ceramic circle
 LOFIDA - PORCELÁN CZ s.r.o.Household (domestic) chinaware, Exclusive chinaware
 Luisa - Ilona Ackermanová
 Makra keramstudioProduction of household ceramics and lighting.
 Marcela Palíškovápotter
 Marie Mikulová - KERAMIKAProduction and sale of the utility and decorative pottery

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