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 Lada Linková
 Lada VosejpkováSilver art jewels
 LADYBIRD s.r.o.Exporter company of semi-finished products for jewellery and textile industry like M.C.Chatons,M.C.Beads, M.C.Square, Extra Chaton Rose and M.C.Chaton rose flat back or hot fix, pressed cabachons, rhinestones chains, TTC stones, Brilliant and more.
 LAFARGE ŽÁROMONOLITY, a.s.Refractory materials
 LAMPGLAS s.r.o.The firm was established in 1991. Since its start it has been specialized in Beads manufacturing by using the oldest technologies-the beads are made from melted glass and wounded on wire by using blast lamp. They are so-called Lamp Beads.
 Lasselsberger Manufacture of glazed and unglazed ceramics
 Laurinová LibušeProduction blowing decorative glass (Simax).
 Láznička Vladimíra
 Leander 1946 s.r.o.White and pink decorative household chinaware
 LEON glasslittle glass hute
 Lexa - hrnčířské kruhythrow, ceramic circle
 Lhotský, s.r.o.We have the biggest furnaces in the world; we are able to realize the most demanding orders both for architecture and design. We co-operate with artists from the whole world. Mold Melted Glass Sculpture, Fusing, Slumping, Glass Painting, Glass Sandblasti
 Liglass, a.s.Manufacturer of classical chandeliers, costume jewellery and technical glass
 Lindner ManfredSchmuck, jewellery.
 LIVO Co. Ltd. Glass and Metal Fashion Jewellery, Jewellery Components,Christmas Tree Ornaments
 LOFIDA - PORCELÁN CZ s.r.o.Household (domestic) chinaware, Exclusive chinaware
 LPC GlassGlass pipes, water pipes and equipment. Production, retail and wholesale.
 Lubos SadovskyCompany with a long family tradition involving the production of glass beads and costume jewellery. This tradition dates back more than 100 years. The company also provides a complete delivery service including packing, labelling, transport and other ex
 LUCIA GLASS DESIGNL.G.DESIGN produceing limited series of glass by technology melting,blowing and cutting.
 Lucid spol. s. r. o.a
 LUCKY GLASSProducer of crystal and colourful chandeliers, decorated with gold and high enamel
 Luisa - Ilona Ackermanová
 Luk - Lufinka JindřichSpecial Christmas decoration