Contact info:

 Trpisovice 10
 58401 Ledeč nad Sazavou
 Czech Republic

 tel.: +420/ 602299606

Contact person:

 Vladimir PECINA

 tel.: +420/775299606


Production range:

 Household (domestic) and decorative glassware
 According to the chemical composition
 Soda glass
 Borosilicate glass
 Barium glass
 Crystal - special (10% PbO)
 Lead crystal (24% PbO)
 Full lead crystal (30% PbO)
 Composite glass
 According to the techniques of shaping
 Hand shaped blown glass
 Centrifugal casting
 Press blown glass
 Cast glass
 Melted glass plastic
 Other techniques
 According to the form
 Jugs and mugs
 Carafes and bottles
 Bowls and plates
 Footed bowls
 Candlesticks and paperweights
 Gifts and advertisements items
 Flacons and crystalery
 Glass figurines and flowers
 Christmas ornaments (see custo
 Glass semi-manufactured produc
 According to the refining and decoration
 Smooth, not decorated
 Fired-on painting
 Unfired paintings (DIEGEL)
 Transfers (decals)
 High enamel
 Staining, lustres, precious me
 Painted glass with lustres, co
 Etched glass (PANTO, GILOŠE, O
 Sand blasted glass
 Pre-pressed glass
 Cut glass
 Engraved glass
 Combined techniques
 Glass lighting fixtures
 Lighting fixtures with shades
 Illuminating glass
 Pressed and shaped glass
 Lamps and hanging fixtures
 Glass bulbs and lenses
 Metal parts
 Classical chandeliers
 Chandelier trimmings
 Glass arms
 Central parts
 Metal parts
 Other glass parts
   Industrial lighting fixtures
   Art and individual lighting objects
 Art glass
   Commercial art glass
   Individual artglass pieces
   Molten glass
   Stained glass
   Replicas of historical glass
   Decorated flat glass for architecture and composition in space
 Bottles and packing glassware
   Uncoloured and colourless bottles
   Coloured drinking bottles
   Canning glass
   Glass containers
   Glass containers for pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry
   Other glass containers
 Flat glass
   Ornamental glass
   Mirrors, traffic mirrors, automotive mirrors
 Machinery and equipment for glass manufacturing
   Grinding tools for glass industry
   Machines, equipment and tools for working glass products
   Machinery for glass treatment
 Services, packing
   Packaging and delivery
 Ceramics and chinaware
 Household (domestic), decorative ceramics and chinaware
   Table dishes
   Household ware
   Sanitary products
   Decorative items
   Table dishes
   Household ware
   Other earthenware
 Sanitary ceramics
 Earthenware tiles, cubes and blocks
 Costume (fashion) jewellery
 Glass jewellery
 Glass beads
 Pressed beads
 Hand cut beads
 Machine cut and polished (grou
 Fire polished beads
 Imitation pearl beads
 Handmade lamp beads
 Hollow beads
 Sintered beads
 Corona (satin glass) beads
 Shaped beads
 Seed beads
 Multi cut seed beads
 Pipes and tubes
 Glass stones
 Hand pressed stones
 Machine pressed stones
 Hand cut stones
 Machine cut stones
 Other shapes
 Lamp stones
   Chatons, chaton roses, hot fix, brilliants
   Synthetic (artificial) s.
 Complete products
 Plastics and metal bandings (t
 Hair pins and slides
 Diadems (tiaras, hair crowns)
 Pendants, (drops)
 Rhinestone (strass) jewellery
 Textile accessories
 Other products
 Metal jewellery
 Metal parts
 Loose chains
 Setting cups
 Fittings (findings)
 Connecting parts
 Rondell sets
 Brazing solders
 Other semi products
 Complete products
 Hair pins and slides
 Diadems (tiaras, hair crowns)
 Pendants, (drops)
 Rhinestone (strass) jewellery
 Textile accessories
 Other products
 According to metal and techniques
 Brass (tombac) jewellery
 Enamelled jewellery
 Aluminium jewellery
 Casted jewellery
 Cut and polished metal jewelle
 Other metals
 Costume jewellery made of other materials
   Bone jewellery
   Natural and artificial stones
   Lather (hide)
   Textiles and laces
   Other materials
 Complete products
 Hair pins and slides
 Diadems (tiaras, hair crowns)
 Pendants, (drops)
 Textile accessories
 Other products
 Glass buttons
 Pressed and smooth
 Pressed and patterned
 Pressed and surface treated
 Lamp beads
 Decorative beads
   Metal buttons
   Ceramic buttons
   Buttons made of natural material
   Buttons made of plastics
   From other materials
 Gifts and souvenirs
   Medals and memorial coins
   Small interior accessories
   Other giftware
 Exclusive jewellery
   Exclusive jewellery
 Christmas and other ornaments
   Christmas ornaments
   Easter decorations

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